Time Capsule Ceremony Photos

1) Los Gatos Poet Laureate Parthenia M. Hicks treats the crowd to an original poem she wrote especially for the event. 2) I’m holding the famous iPad that was buried (several items, maps, documents, and videos were uploaded into the iPad). 3) Kids reveal their art for the time capsule. 4) The plaque includes a quote from Thomas Jefferson: A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable.

My Words Are Buried!

The Time Capsule ceremony was far more exciting than I had anticipated. Parthenia M. Hicks, the Los Gatos Town Poet Laureate, read a beautiful poem, The Ground Breaks Open, that she’d written just for the ceremony. A group of children presented an art piece they created for the capsule. Town officials hope that these children will be part of the unearthing event in 76 years.

The artifacts selected for the capsule impressed me. Everything was “so” Los Gatos. For example, a bottle of wine donated by Fleming Jenkins Vineyard (Peggy Fleming’s Los Gatos vineyard); A red Netflix envelope, containing the DVD of The Social Network; An Apple iPad (Los Gatos is home to Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak and Netflix headquarters); Menus from local restaurants; and scrolls with personal notes from town residents along with messages from 50 selected community leaders—my message included.

I had a blast, as you can see from the above photos.


My Writing Life In A Nutshell (for a Time Capsule)

I am a bit different than the others who’ve been asked to contribute their observations of daily life to the time capsule. I am a writer and I naturally want to give the citizens of the future a taste of what life was like for a writer.

Do I talk about my upcoming debut novel being released in hardcover? Certainly hardcover books will be relics in 76 years. Readers will likely use some sort of reading device far more advanced than our e-book readers and they won’t understand what a huge deal it is for authors to see their words in print. Will they think I’m crazy if I say I spent 20 years learning the craft of writing so that a publisher will buy and publish my book and pay me a fraction of what the book earns? I’m sure future writers will simply self-publish when their works are complete. Do I talk about blogging and how I toiled to drive traffic to my website and pursued comments to my blog posts since that helps writers become ‘discoverable’? Would they ‘get it’ if I explain that writers strive to be at the top of the rankings when someone ‘Google’s’ their name? Will Google be around in 2087? What about the other social media tools we writers of today spin our wheels engaging in—hoping to gain followers, friends, fans, and of course readers? If I describe how writers eagerly anticipated booksignings in bookstores, could they visualize it? Surely these will all be foreign concepts in 76 years.

Even if the readers don’t understand what a book, blog, website, or Google is, I think they should know how we writers sought to connect with people, not just audiences for our book, but people in general. We made every effort to share our ideas, stories, and experiences. We didn’t want our words to languish on a shelf. I guess ultimately we just want our words to have relevance. All the above activities were not the end goal. The goal was to touch readers and make a difference in their lives. I imagine that writers will always seek to do the same regardless of the year. Whether informing, inspiring, or entertaining, we want our writings to have mattered.

Okay, now I think I know what I’ll say.

If you were given the opportunity to make history with your words—what would you write?

Message For A Time Capsule

Time Capsule Ceremony


I’ve been invited to be a part of history.

The Town of Los Gatos is holding a Time Capsule Ceremony this week.  Construction of a new town library is underway and the time capsule will be buried in the garden terrace. Instructions will inform residents of the future to unearth the time capsule in 76 years, on the town’s bicentennial. I’ve been asked to submit a message about my life today, a message that will be read by people living in a completely different world.


A collection of photos, articles, and memorabilia will be placed in the capsule, along with an iPad loaded with interesting information that tells the story of daily life at this moment in time (and an iPad recharger of course). My personal note will be one among many others of those who were invited to submit. This is quite an honor and I’m stressing over what to write about. Several thoughts come to mind.