My Words Are Buried!

The Time Capsule ceremony was far more exciting than I had anticipated. Parthenia M. Hicks, the Los Gatos Town Poet Laureate, read a beautiful poem, The Ground Breaks Open, that she’d written just for the ceremony. A group of children presented an art piece they created for the capsule. Town officials hope that these children will be part of the unearthing event in 76 years.

The artifacts selected for the capsule impressed me. Everything was “so” Los Gatos. For example, a bottle of wine donated by Fleming Jenkins Vineyard (Peggy Fleming’s Los Gatos vineyard); A red Netflix envelope, containing the DVD of The Social Network; An Apple iPad (Los Gatos is home to Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak and Netflix headquarters); Menus from local restaurants; and scrolls with personal notes from town residents along with messages from 50 selected community leaders—my message included.

I had a blast, as you can see from the above photos.