Message For A Time Capsule

Time Capsule Ceremony


I’ve been invited to be a part of history.

The Town of Los Gatos is holding a Time Capsule Ceremony this week.  Construction of a new town library is underway and the time capsule will be buried in the garden terrace. Instructions will inform residents of the future to unearth the time capsule in 76 years, on the town’s bicentennial. I’ve been asked to submit a message about my life today, a message that will be read by people living in a completely different world.


A collection of photos, articles, and memorabilia will be placed in the capsule, along with an iPad loaded with interesting information that tells the story of daily life at this moment in time (and an iPad recharger of course). My personal note will be one among many others of those who were invited to submit. This is quite an honor and I’m stressing over what to write about. Several thoughts come to mind.