Grant Writing 101

Grant Writing 101 by Victoria M. Johnson

Grant Writing 101

Main description

A Crash Course in Writing Powerful, Persuasive Grants!

“Grant Writing 101 provides straightforward and effective strategies for improving results. It is a wonderful reference guide for experienced fundraisers and an invaluable ‘how-to’ manual for those starting their careers.”
—Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D., CEO and President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

“This new book is an essential tool in helping nonprofits manage grant writing by keeping it simple, easy, and enjoyable!”
—Barb Larson, CEO, American Red Cross, Silicon Valley

Grant Writing 101 offers quick and easy tactics for getting the funding you need—right now!

Written to enable beginners with little or no experience to hit the ground running, it covers:

  • Ten tactics for writing a compelling proposal
  • Tips for finding the best grantor for your needs
  • Important components of various types of grants
  • Next steps for when you’re approved

Includes several samples of grant proposals and budget presentations!


Table of contents

Introduction; Chapter 1. Types of Proposals; Chapter 2. Preparing to Write a Grant Proposal; Chapter 3. Components of a Grant Proposal; Chapter 4. Write Your Proposal in Three Easy Steps; Chapter 5. Ten Ways To Make Your Proposal Irresistible; Chapter 6. Tips for Finding the Right Grantor; Chapter 7. Ten Things to Do While You’re Waiting; Chapter 8. Things to Do When You’re Approved; Chapter 9. Ten Things to Do if You’re Rejected; Chapter 10. Ten Tips For Long-Term Success; Plus much more!


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Grant Writing 101 Grant Writing 101 Grant Writing 101