Exciting New Journey!

I am beginning an exciting new journey… you’re invited to follow me and see how this expedition unfolds. Where to? you ask.  I have become a Reiki Practitioner.  And I am on my way to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher!  After the pandemic had isolated us for a few months I found myself out of sorts, almost like there was something hindering my progress, but there were no physical barriers obstructing me. And I felt the need to seek balance in my life. Then I discovered some of my friends and students were feeling stagnant and imbalanced, too.  About this time, a close friend was raving about a Reiki class she attended and thought I could benefit from learning about Reiki. In wanting to assist my students and friends—so they could continue writing their stories, essays, or poems without anything holding them back—and to help myself regain momentum and energy, I took the leap.  I joined a certification training program.  So far, this whole journey has been eye-opening, wonderful, and worthwhile. My intention is to be a conduit, a guide that helps others improve their well-being. I feel called to spread love and light in this world using reiki’s universal life energy, prayer, and ancestral wisdom…

Victoria Reiki Practioner

Don’t worry I am still a fun Zumba instructor, writer & poet, and I still teach lively writing workshops. These parts of me merge wonderfully well reiki principles. All of these activities allow me to inspire and encourage others.

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