My Poem is Published in When Women Waken, the Knowing Issue

I am thrilled to announce that my poem, Unwavering Blue Scarf is published in this literary journal, When Women Waken, the ‘Knowing’ issue. Issue 5, Spring 2014.

The Table of Contents shows the names of all the contributors for this amazing issue and the links to their evocative pieces. You’ll want to read them all! Just scroll down to my name, Victoria M. Johnson, to read mine.

Or here’s the direct link to my poem.

Unwavering Blue Scarf by Victoria M. Johnson

A journal of poetry, prose and images, When Women Waken is the journal of Women Writers, Women Books and has a particular interest in writing and art about writing; women’s relationships to their selves and others, and to society and nature.

The journal can be read for free online, or you can order print editions as they become available.

The Importance of Publishing Firsts

I like to make a big deal over each of my publishing firsts. I know what you’re thinking: Don’t you publish for the first time only once?  No, absolutely not. If you’re writing in more than one genre or you write in more than one form, you’ll have many firsts, too. And that means you’ll have lots of opportunities to celebrate, which is something I like doing.

Did I mention that I had my first poem published? A wonderful online literary journal, When Women Waken, provided me the honor of inclusion in their inaugural issue, Spring 2013. I was thrilled and I certainly told everyone I know about it. I tweeted, updated my Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Redroom pages, and I emailed friends and family. My husband and I popped open a bottle of bubbly and we toasted the milestone in my publishing career. Then I got back to work writing.

I also created a hoopla over my first poetry reading, my first nonfiction sale, my first fiction sale, my first romance novel, and my first indie ebook. I can think of more firsts in my future to celebrate but you probably want to know why I make a fuss over these events, and why you should do the same. Here are five reasons:

The Importance of Publishing Firsts by Victoria M. Johnson

When Women Waken is an online literary journal publishing fresh voices and images primarily in English from around the world. Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Non-Fiction, and Images, Art and Photographs.

1. Publishing is an industry with many opportunities for rejection and disappointment. It’s important to celebrate each and every victory. It’s important to your sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Every hard-earned success is a moment to remind yourself that you are a talented writer.

2. Much of the publishing industry is a waiting game. You submit and wait for months to hear back. Friends and relatives don’t understand this part of the writing business and ask you constantly about your progress. Sharing your milestones with friends and relatives allows everyone to share the excitement and reminds them that you are seriously pursuing a writing career.

3. Sharing your success with your online connections is another way to get your name out there. It gives you a reason to self promote. It reminds people about you and your work. I know many writers are shy about self promotion, but we must do some. Perhaps sharing your news in the form of a “first time” announcement will make it easier for you to do.  Your online community will be happy for you, too. Just as you retweet and share the good news of others, some will do the same for you.

4. Ultimately, some of these friends, relatives and connections will read your work, which they can’t do if you don’t tell them about it. And isn’t having our work read why we write in the first place?

5. Everyone likes hearing about a first sale of some sort. It gives us all hope. We think, if you broke through, then we can, too. It’s good news for all writers. People enjoy spreading hope and good news.

The next time you have work ready for the public to read, ask yourself how is it a first? Stretch your imagination. Did I tell you my very first poem, The UFO, was recently published? I’m so excited about it and I hope you’ll click to read it!