My Poem is Published in When Women Waken, the Knowing Issue

I am thrilled to announce that my poem, Unwavering Blue Scarf is published in this literary journal, When Women Waken, the ‘Knowing’ issue. Issue 5, Spring 2014.

The Table of Contents shows the names of all the contributors for this amazing issue and the links to their evocative pieces. You’ll want to read them all! Just scroll down to my name, Victoria M. Johnson, to read mine.

Or here’s the direct link to my poem.

Unwavering Blue Scarf by Victoria M. Johnson

A journal of poetry, prose and images, When Women Waken is the journal of Women Writers, Women Books and has a particular interest in writing and art about writing; women’s relationships to their selves and others, and to society and nature.

The journal can be read for free online, or you can order print editions as they become available.

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