The Frankfurt Book Fair in Pictures

I attended the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair and I wrote a really cool blog post about it, which you can find the link to below. But I had too many pictures to post them all in one place, so here are a few more.

Frankfurt Book Fair in Pictures by Victoria M. Johnson

Detlef Bierstedt a.k.a. George Clooney

Amazon Publishing’s Booth

Detlef Bierstedt is the George Clooney of Germany. Let that sink in a moment. He is a German actor who is the voice of George Clooney (among others) in American movies that are voiced-over for German audiences. He is also the voice in many audio books for Amazon Publishing.

Frankfurt Book Fair in Pictures by Victoria M. Johnson

We all sat on book cover stools. Um, I didn’t see my book cover.

Amazon booth at Frankfurt book fair

Editors answering questions and meeting with clients.

Victoria M. Johnson

That’s me!









Scenes From the Book Fair Floor

Frankfurt Book Fair pitching

Literary agents, authors, publishers and other book professionals pitching projects.

celebrity author

An author talk ended with attendees wanting an autograph and photo.

Children's books in Spanish

Edelvives, a children’s book publisher from Spain.

Frankfurt book fair floor

Books everywhere.

Calendar Exhibit

Some of the calendars on display were several feet wide.

Calendar Exhibit

Hundreds of calendars on exhibit.

Where's Waldo German calendar

I found Waldo in Frankfurt!

Frida Kahlo calendar

Lovely Frida Kahlo calendar









Champagne time!

Many of the vendors hosted parties in the evening. Lots of champagne, wine, Hors d’oeuvres, and live entertainment.

music at Frankfurt book fair

Live entertainment throughout the book fair floors.


Champagne toast

champagne time

Me with editor Lauren Edwards. Cheers!


If you want to find out the fascinating story behind the pictures, and I know you do, then click the link to my Classic and Cozy guest post: What Really Happens at the Frankfurt Bookfair



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