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Creative Spaces

Do you have a special place to write?  Do you have a special routine to prepare yourself for writing?  How does your space affect your writing?  These and more questions have been buzzing around in my head.  I know the answers for myself but I wondered about other writers.  Were they doing something I’m not?  Could I learn from what others do?  Absolutely!  I decided to invite writers to share about how their office space was linked to their creativity or creative process.  Their responses were surprising and informative.  It turns out there’s much more to our workspaces than just office furniture.  As a result, I’ve started a new guest blog series, Creative Spaces, which launches on Friday

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Do you have a special place to write?

Eleven authors have accepted the invitation to guest blog and if visitors (you) show that they enjoy the series, it may last longer than eleven weeks.  You’ll gain inspiration and maybe some tips.  You’ll certainly get to know some of your favorite authors a little bit more.  Be sure to come back each week to hear about other writers and their creative journeys but especially to take a peek inside their private creative spaces.