A Medieval Warrior for Girls

Medieval Warrior for Girls by Victoria M. Johnson

Faire Play: Barbie-Compatible 3D Printed Medieval Armor
by Jim Rodda / Zheng3

I just had to share this awesome prototype with you. It’s a kickstarter project that I supported because I think it would be cool to see little girls playing with this Medieval outfit on their Barbie dolls. Let their imaginations run wild, let the girl power be reinforced, let the dragon-slaying fun begin. Play time will never be the same! Go Medieval Warrior! http://kck.st/PsBeYK  Check out the video below to see her in action.

It’s not too late to support this awesome kickstarter project !

Writing Prompts and Story Cubes

I found a fun and useful writing tool in the form of Story Cubes.  These dice-sized cubes come in a nifty storage box to be taken out when you want a burst of creativity.  Take out four—or five, or as many as you want—cubes and toss them on your table.  Taking only the images that appear on the top of each cube write your poem or story.  The cool thing is an image can mean different things at different times depending on what genre you were planning to write, your mood, and in relation to the other cube’s images. 

Writing Prompts and Story Cubes

There are thousands of possibilities (their box and website says 10,000,000 possibilities).  I’m all for creative play and anything that will shake-up my imagination.  This story generation tool might work for you, too.  I like using them for flash fiction and I imagine poets would have fun with them as well.  Think of them as writing prompts on dice.  There are a couple of versions and there’s even an iPhone app!  I just added them to my growing list of the perfect gifts for writersDo you have a secret writing tool?   I’m eager to hear about it.