One Novel, Thirteen Authors!

One Novel, Thirteen Authors by Victoria M. Johnson I’m participating in a group novel written by several Avalon Books authors. Each of us is writing one chapter and I think it’s off to a great start.  I was assigned Chapter six and my chapter was posted this week.  Here’s the link to read it.  The idea behind the novel, ALONG FOR THE RIDE, was that each of the thirteen authors would write their chapter after having received the previous chapter.  In other words, a pre-arranged plot did not exist and we had no rules to follow.  Each author is in control of where she takes the story.


I thought it would be a fun and challenging project, so I signed up.  Little did I know what I was in for.  First of all, the Chapter One author, Beate Boeker created great characters, provided an interesting backdrop, and set-up suspense.  The next authors set the tone for a fast-paced romantic suspense story.  As I read each chapter, I gulped.  I expected impressive writing since these were all multi-published authors, but the cliffhangers were getting more and more complicated as the story led to my chapter.  And the style of each author made each chapter wonderfully unique while still maintaining cohesiveness.


Then came Chapter Five by Elisabeth Rose.  Holy, moly can that girl write!  She really stepped up the stakes and I was so pleased to have followed this chapter.  Well, at first I may have said, “No way, how could she do that to me?”  But I gathered my decorum and got to work.  In addition to the creative aspects of the story, I had to deal with the technical elements.  I didn’t want to forget clues that were previously planted, but I obviously couldn’t address all of them in my one chapter.  I had to choose which elements of the story felt right to act upon and which to leave for the next author.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed participating in this project and I look forward to reading the upcoming chapters.

 You can read all the chapters at this link.