I’m the Guest Author at the Saratoga Library!

Victoria M. Johnson Guest Author

On October 1st I had the honor of being the guest author for the popular Authors Series at the Saratoga Library.  The event was hosted by the Friends of the Saratoga Library and they were wonderful hosts.  It was a fantastic experience with a friendly and captive audience.  They asked great questions, and it’s always nice when I’m asked something new.  The hour passed by quickly.  For those who live in the Bay Area they will continue the series each month with a new guest speaker.

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  1. Glad you had such a good experience at the library! It’s a treat to speak at libraries because you know that your “captive audience” is full of book lovers.

    Btw, did you give out bookmarks or a copy of your book?


  2. Victoria M. Johnson says:

    Hi Tui–
    I agree about having a captive audience of book lovers. The vibe in the room is so pleasant. I did hand out bookmarks and had a fabulous book signing afterward.

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