Creative Spaces — Guest Post by Christy Birmingham

Creative Spaces

Ah yes, creativity.

I have come a long way since I played with my dolls as a young girl as I taught them what I had learned that day at school.

Today, I am proud to call myself a freelance writer and an entrepreneur. While many of my days I sit on my black leather chair and fill word documents with sentences, I know I am a part of something so much greater. I am a part of a creative process.

At the end of an hour, I can see complete paragraphs on my screen. Add another half hour or two later in the day and I have a new poem to publish on my website. I write down information and ideas that have potential to teach and inspire readers. What a powerful, fantastic role I have as a writer! Best of all, I love what I do.

I start with a blank page most days. I fill the page with words that I string and tie up with a ribbon of punctuation. I proofread, edit, and publish. I do all of this, often, from the desk in my home office.

My writing space is a place where I work on technical articles as well as crafting poems. My desk is the hub of activity in my home (it is a home, not a house). I read emails there, write posts for Poetic Parfait, and conduct research for articles.

My writing area has many unique items. It is likely unique from other writers because of the thank-you cards and notes from clients that I display on my desk. The notes remind me of work I have done that people enjoyed. I read the notes to motivate me when I need a push to start my next assignment or reminder of how far I have come.

Creative Spaces -- Guest Post by Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham meeting deadlines and creating poetry in her space

You see, this space was not always a work area. I had office jobs and did well, but a dark period brought turbulence to my life. My work soon became about healing myself, rather than working in an office. After soul searching (that soul was hiding for some time), I made the decision to write as my career. I do not look back, but instead look to my desk and gaze out the side window in my home office.

When I turn my head to the right, I see out a large window into the backyard. I see trees, birds, and a neighborhood cat saunters by at least once a day. I often look outside as I write a poem, gaining inspiration from blue sky or the sound of the rain against the windowpane.

I always have a few articles on the go. I consistently have deadlines to meet and searches to conduct for the next client. I write posts for my site Poetic Parfait, where I share poetry and music. I write articles for several sites and private clients, as well. 

I often have a cup of tea nearby. My readers know I love chocolate! I often have a chocolate bar or bag of M&Ms nearby. As I reach for the M&Ms, I often get a surge of inspiration – so having chocolate on hand is crucial! 

The chocolates and tea are comfort for me as I constantly strive to strengthen my writing techniques and me. I am beginning work on a poetry book. I hope to share that soon. Publishing a book has been a dream for so long and I would love to make it come true. We can accomplish a lot when we are positive and have focus.

What is my advice for writers? Write, even when you do not feel like it. Set time aside every day to write at least a few hundred words. If only ten of those words are worth publishing for your article, poem, or short story, at least you can end the day with a sense of accomplishment. In addition, the more you write, the more refined your writing style becomes. I truly believe that and follow that strategy. 

Bio: Christy Birmingham is an avid freelance writer and blogger who lives in British Columbia, Canada. She writes extensively about social media and technologyChristy is also the proud owner of Poetic Parfait. The site is the playground for poetry, music, and smiles. New faces are always welcome!


  1. Thank-you Victoria for including me in your wonderful series about writers! I love the way you lay out the post and am happy to contribute!

  2. Love it 🙂

  3. Awesome guest post by Christy and thank you for having her here. Christy, so true about writing everyday even if it is a few short lines, it just helps keep the creatives juices flowing. Oh and loved seeing you in your home office!! I also need chocolate too, by the way!! 🙂

  4. Christy,
    What great ideas you share for us all. I will do my best to start writing at least 10 words a day! And I love that writing in sense saved your soul. Good for you. My best wishes for continued success in your career. And I loved seeing this picture of your creative space. Thanks for posting!

  5. Victoria M. Johnson says:

    Thanks so much for participating! You give wonderful tips and I know readers enjoy seeing the workspace of a creative writer and poet such as yourself. And it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who needs chocolate : )

  6. Wonderful ! And I very much appreciate the way you involved us into your way of working and writing.Nice photo to tag along with which gave the post a beautiful effect of warmth.

  7. Christyb, you’re not only a wonderful poet, but a very good blogger. Most people have no idea how to invite others into their world. You have painted a picture with this post…comforting, encouraging to the soul, and gently sharing your life. Great post!

  8. Awesome! And inspirational! Love it, Christy! 😉

  9. Excellent post, Christy and Victoria! Christy, I’m absolutely delighted to hear that you’re planning to put together and publish a collection of your poetry – Woot! Awesome on you, girlfriend! Love the photo of you in your creative space, and wonderful tips as well. ~ Love and hugs from Julie 🙂 xox

  10. This is super, Christy! I love your work-space, and the fact that you have TWO computer screens. I had that at my last job, and must admit, I feel a little lost only having one right now. Stunning, inspirational post! 🙂

  11. I love it, Cristy! 🙂

  12. Thank-you friends for the supportive comments! I love that you can all now picture me typing at my desk and learn some of the tips I have learned along the writing journey. I will keep sharing, creating, and smiling!

  13. Great to get a peek into your creative space, Christy!

  14. tessa says:

    Christy, loved the insight into your personal space and creative juices. Your personal photo showed an office of pride and work tools. BUT – what stood out most, was your beaming face, full of pride and joy in what you are doing. That smile and dimples …just like your work…cannot be duplicated! Thanks for sharing your ‘self’.

  15. Creativity is an amazing healer! I enjoyed reading about your process and your creative space. I’m wishing you continued motivation and inspiration for all of your writing and to create your dream of a published book of poetry. Happy creating!

  16. Thank-you Kelli, Tessa, and Dana for the positive comments. I beam in the photo because I have gone for my dream! With that risk I have been able to start anew and we each have that power within ourselves!

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