All I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Romance Novels

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This book is an inspirational how-to as much as it is a celebration of romance novels. There really is a wealth of insight, hope, and common sense within the pages of romance novels. The book captures those qualities that makes romance novels special and reveals how anyone can use that knowledge to be more heroic in their own lives. When times are toughest, when all seems lost, it takes guts to persevere. It takes motivation. This book helps readers define what’s really important in life… And shows her how to get it.

All I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Romance Novels is sure to please readers of romances. Learn how you can apply the savvy of romance novels to your own life. Learn what women are really looking for in a man. See what qualities make a woman a heroine. The heartfelt essays tap into the know-how of romance novels to bring to light how men and women can revitalize their real-life relationships. The book includes excerpts and quotes from favorite authors. These talented authors disclose why they write romances and why millions of loyal readers worldwide enjoy reading them.

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All I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Romance Novels by Victoria M. Johnson

The stories you love reveal the secrets you need!


All I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Romance Novels, received favorable mention in People Magazine, Mode Magazine New York, Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, Library Journal, Romantic Times Magazine, St. Petersberg Florida News, National Women’s Review, Teheran News, and many others.

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Drawing on the wisdom found in the pages of romance novels, All I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Romance Novels, imparts priceless pearls of wisdom…  Romantic Times Magazine

Finally, a self-help book that reveals how an ordinary person can achieve all the heat, passion and moral fervor of a dime-store novel. Really.  People Magazine

All I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Romance Novels is unlike any other book of its kind as it gives the reader a guide to romance by using the writing style of the genre to demonstrate how men and women can better relate to one another.  National Women’s Review

Unlike romance novels, Johnson’s book is non-fiction. That means fact, reality, truth. Like romances, her book contains useful, surprising information about love, relationships and romance.  Tehran International Weekly Magazine

…a light but pragmatic look at the various lessons taught by romance novels and the difference they can make in readers lives…  Library Journal

…this book offers up observations on life… These collected truths, gleaned from the pages of romance novels, are deceptively simple at first glance but reveal themselves to be more meaningful upon reflection.  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

…self-help advice based on themes from romance novels.  St. Petersburg Times

It looks like fictitious romance novels aren’t pure fantasy after all. …find 29 truths about love, sex, and passion…  Mode New York

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The Doctor’s Dilemma

The Doctor's Dilemma by Victoria M. JohnsonThe Doctor’s Dilemma

Doctor Ryan Novak wants nothing to do with women whose only wish is to be a doctor’s trophy wife. Luckily, working in his pediatric clinic in rural Mexico puts romance last on his mind.
Nurse Grace Sinclair arrives at La Clínica Pediátrica with a broken heart and a vow never to fall in love again. The temporary nursing assignment is exactly what she needs to escape her painful memories and to rejuvenate her spirit.
After a rocky introduction, Ryan is skeptical of Grace’s motives for joining the remote clinic, and Grace believes he is like the doctors back home, demanding and self-centered. However, when disaster strikes the village, they soon realize they are equally committed to helping the community, and their close working relationship makes it impossible to ignore their attraction to one another.
When Ryan offers Grace a permanent assignment, her pain and fear stand in the way, and he wonders if he’ll ever be able to convince Grace to risk her heart again. The Doctor’s Dilemma tells the story of Ryan and Grace and the villagers whose lives they touch.

The Doctor’s Dilemma was a finalist in the 2012 Booksellers’ Best Award. (A Published Author’s Contest judged solely by booksellers and librarians for books published in 2011) It finaled in two categories, Best Traditional Romance and Best First Book!


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