Adventures of a Trailer Park Diva

Signs of the economy worsening were everywhere. But being a busy wife, mother, business professional, and moonlighting writer kept my mind occupied and my calendar full. One afternoon, while I was putting away dry dishes from that morning’s champagne brunch with my writer girlfriends, my husband came home and dropped a bombshell. We were downsizing… to a trailer park.

Trailer Park Diva

AOL has published my story about how the bad economy has turned my world ‘upside-down’ and how a diva like me ended up in a trailer park. Located in the ‘It Happened To Me’ section, you can read the full story here: My Daily.

Can a woman still be a diva if she lives in a trailer park? Follow the continuing journey on my just launched blog at

It’ll brighten your spirits and show you that just because there’s a recession doesn’t mean you can’t look good, feel good, and have fun.


  1. Debi King McMartin says:

    Wow, Victoria — this is so cool and inspiring. Love it!

  2. Victoria M. Johnson says:

    Thank you, Debi.

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