The Seagull And Me

Santa Cruz Seagull

Camera shy seagull

As I walked along the Santa Cruz shore with my camera in hand, I spotted a seagull that seemed as enthralled with the ocean as I.  He stood there staring at the frothy waves and I decided to take his photo.  Stooping down to his level, I brought my camera up but he moved on.  I tried to catch up with him but he walked awfully fast for a seagull.  The faster I walked, the faster he walked.  He looked at me and I looked at him, he knew I was there, and he didn’t let me catch him.  I had to dodge children and adults who were splashing in the waves or walking hand-in-hand.  Whereas, everyone moved out of his way.  I began to feel silly, chasing down a seagull that was clearly outsmarting me.  And, we were running out of shoreline.  I had to make a move.  I knew if I ran I would scare it off, so I walked as fast as I could, camera ready, and snap.  I got his photograph.  Cute seagull, isn’t he?  So much for a relaxing stroll on the beach.  Now I need a margarita, then maybe a nap.