New Class: Short Short Fiction Bootcamp

It’s Back to School Time for Writers!

Calling all fiction AND memoir writers… Come learn how to create very short stories, also known as short shorts and flash or sudden fiction. Flash stories contain all the elements of fiction and have the power of their longer cousins to transform the reader. Discover tried-and-true techniques, look at great examples and free your creativity to write your own short pieces. Memoir writers will benefit from the lessons, too. For beginners or pros, this is a fun and motivating class that will help you improve your storytelling skills. Following a lecture each week students will write new pieces based on the topics covered and prompts designed to incite your creativity. You’ll also learn editing tips and opportunities for publishing your polished works.

For more information or to register, CLICK HERE.

Sep 5, 2018 to Oct 3, 2018

Held at Capitola Community Center from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.  5 weeks.

Meets Each Wednesday.
New short fiction writing Class by Victoria M. Johnson

It’s back to school time for writers! Photo by Scott Webb

Instructor Bio:Victoria M. Johnson is a published author and filmmaker. Her published works include The Doctors Dilemma (Avalon Books), the nonfiction work Grant Writing 101: Everything You Need To Start Raising Funds Today (McGraw-Hill), and four other books. Her poetry appears in online literary journals and print anthologies. Victoria is both writer and director of four short films and two micro documentaries. She has presented workshops on writing in the Bay Area; Chicago; Washington, DC; Vancouver, Canada; and New York.

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