10 Top Reasons to Try Zumba

Fifteen million people in 180 countries have made Zumba a world-wide phenomenon.  Zumba has become a dance-fitness revolution.  But what is it about this workout that is so special?  The same reasons why I think you’ll love it:

  1. Hear great music.

The exhilarating, mostly Latin music provides a festive atmosphere.


  1. Dance to the great music.

You don’t even have to know how to dance.


  1. Learn new dance styles in easy to follow steps.

Your zumba certified instructor will cue you to their choreography steps in salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, and more.


  1. No experience required.

Zumba is for anyone able to exercise.  No one expects you to be perfect.  No one expects you to know the steps.  Just follow the cues at your comfort level.


  1. No special equipment required.

You don’t have to buy expensive equipment.  You just need workout clothes that you probably already have and workout shoes that suit your needs.


  1. Meet other people.

Come for the physical fitness; find camaraderie in the friendly classes.


certified zumba instructor


  1. It’s fun!

You’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget you’re burning calories.


  1. It’s a total body workout.

Gain strength and stamina.  Zumba helps improve cardiovascular health, muscle conditioning, and flexibility.


  1. Zumba is wonderful for the brain.

Following along with the choreography gives your brain a workout too.  (In a fun way, of course.)  Zumba is good for your mental health.


  1. Zumba is fantastic for the soul.

All that fun and movement reduces stress.  At the end of class, believe me, you’ll feel energized and amazing.


Are you convinced to give Zumba a try?  I enjoyed Zumba class so much that I became a certified instructor.  If you live in Santa Cruz County in California, you’re in luck.  That’s where I currently teach.  You can also check out my Zumba page.  I’m now teaching Virtual Zumba classes so you can join me from wherever you live.  I’m sure there’s a class near you.  Do you already take Zumba?  What do you love about it?  Tell us in the comments below.



  1. I’m a yogi and weights person, but you might have tempted me to take a whirl!

  2. Victoria M. Johnson says:

    Hi Cheryl–
    It’s fabulous that you do yoga and weights but I think you’d love zumba, too! I hope you’ll give it a try!

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