I Met A Maasai Warrior

I had the honor of meeting a Maasai warrior during his recent visit to Silicon Valley. Sabore Ole Oyie, made an impression on me with his humor, storytelling ability, majestic qualities, and quiet strength.  Enjoying the conversation of our small gathering, I felt in the presence of royalty. He told us about growing up in his village in Kenya, and his mission to preserve the Maasai culture while advocating for the tribal villagers, particularly girls, to receive education.

Sabore, Victoria, and Hellen

Sabore, Victoria, and Hellen

As an ambassador, he helps promote tourism in Kenya and has traveled to Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and the United States. However, Sabore continues to live in the traditional ways, including wearing the traditional Maasai clothing, carrying hand-made weapons for hunting and self-defense against lions and elephants, and living in a hut made from sticks and dung.

Sabore brought with him, Hellen, another ambassador of their tribe. They both talked about the importance of education and learning so that their community can be stronger and healthier. Hellen was in the Bay Area raising funds for her charity organization, Asante Africa.

I thought about Sabore and Hellen long after the visit ended.  I was struck by both the simplicity and complexity of their lives.  Their stories had enchanted me but I worried about the tribe’s challenges and wondered what I could do to help.  Spreading the word about Asante Africa and the work this organization does is one way I can make a tiny difference.  Click on the link above and see if you are touched as well.

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